A subtle sign of defeat

Well.. it’s been some time. And the contents of this box clearly shows that I’ve taken some sort of decision to pause one of my projects for a period.. let’s take a look inside.

Well, well, Weller..

Yep, you guessed it. I’ve given in and bought one of those soldering stations that I was trying hard to replace.

Why you ask? A matter of time. I have gotten my hands on a other big project that simply requires fine pitch soldering. And I need it now.

Well, now that I’ve got the station let’s take a closer look at the parts in the box.

Well it says what it is.. the station itself is the big box in the back.

The soldering irons (yes I got two) is the pen which is was trying to replace but also I got the soldering tweezers. They will sure be handy with smt parts. You can see the tip supplied with the kit. It’s a chisel tip, 1.3×0.4.. also I got a pair of pliers but it doesn’t fit my otherwise black color scheme.

A nice thing in the package is the leaflet. It turned out to be a poster with all available tips for the station. This is nice!

And will surely be handy if I find myself in a situation where the tips I do have don’t cut it. Now, let’s set it up!

And here it is in all its Glory. I’m sure it will be well at home between the is oscilloscope and the old soldering station.. my biggest problem is now where do I put the bench supply???

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