tiny update

so – i’ve been busy with that life thing.

A lot have happened and I mean a LOT. just to name a few:

rebuilding house – no, rebuilding farm. rebuilding also means a lot of throwing stuff out and burning things that we don’t need.

building/ redoing workspace to accomodate new tools

My girlfriend got diagnosed with cancer – have taken a considerable amount of time in the fall of ’18. current status is that everything is going well so hopefully we’ll get rid of that really soon!

I’ll be honest I don’t think there’s too many readers here. At least not anymore. The biggest project have without a doubt been the soldering pen and I think I blew that chance some time ago. followers are finding other solutions. However, I’m still working on the project but I’ll admit that I’ve have had the code sitting idle for quite some time.

Recently I’ve started looking at it again and current status is that everyting except the LED controls seems to be ready. The main issue was to implement the watch-dog timer to be able to catch thermal runaway caused by a stalled firmware. This is still the main reason why I’m rewriting the code. I will be testing the code more extensibly when it’s done but eventually I still plan on turning this into a product. hopefully within this year.

lastly I’ve taken command of my dads company. not that we’re selling much but having a registered company have some benefits. for one I can start to write invoices to people that I work for! consultancy is not all bad after all 🙂

If you do happen to read this – do leave a note if you’re interested in more writing from me.

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