Amplifier project aftermath: 20W stereo version

While finishing my work on the Roskilde boombox project with the MAX9768 chip I discovered that there is a sister-chip called MAX9744. While the 9768 is a 10W mono amplifier the 9744 is a 20W stereo chip! so 4 times the power in a single chip, while the same controls are maintained! This was too good to pass up, so I present to you, the Rev.4 of my amplifier project. This is basically just the recommended system design with SMD parts.


The schematic layout more or less matches the 9768 design file. The only change is the dual input and output along with a 100uF cap at the output stage supply.layout_20W


The layout is quite small as well – 25.4mm * 22.4mm. I have put a lot of thermal vias on this one just to be sure the heat can get away from the chip.


So there you have it – go make some noise!

Rev.4 – 20W – Stereo (unverified. Read as I haven’t made a prototype yet.)

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