Intelligent light controller for RGB LED lighting applications

A quick idea based on other peoples thoughts:

A lamp that is motion triggered but the light output is based on the ambient light in the room. For instance take, a dark room. When a person enters the room, a bright light is not comfortable. A red light slowly dimming upwards would be much more pleasant.

Also, the light should be sound activated. Assume the above scenario, but the user wants to have more light. He/she clap his/her hands and the light turns on the blue and green so the user gets white light to work with.

again, if the user leaves, the light will turn off automatically after a predefined time. the light can dim automatically back to the original red level if the sound is not repeated but also, the light could stay on if the user was to clap 5 times rapidly after each other. The lamp could reply with a small blinking motion to signalize that the state had changed from ‘on with timer’ to ‘on’

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