Take a stand

​This is exactly why I love 3d printers. When you have an idea you draw it and then you print it. Simple as that.

Of course the soldering pen needs a stand. And why can’t it be printed?

I know that a lot of people will tell me that it will melt and maybe they’re right. But I havent seen them print a stand for their soldering pen yet. So here goes:


It shows some problemswith the board layout of the pen. for example the hall sensor for standby detection is located a really stupid place – in the opposite end of the tip. Why is this a problem? Well, the support containing a magnet for the hall sensor to detect has to be really long!

For now I have chosen to move the magnet 20mm downward but of course there’s no hall sensor there right now. Luckily I will do another PCB revision because I want to change the mini-jack plug to a different model that will keep the connector on the same plane as the PCB. This is another story but it will make it possible to have a round casing on the pen. it will be more pen-like.

I’ll conlude this log with a picture of the stand with the pen inserted. haven’t turned the thing on yet. Soon. very soon 🙂



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