Soldering pen video demo

I finally managed to make a short video demonstration of the soldering pen. It can be found here:

I fumble a bit – so much for unscripted one-takes 🙂

I’ve tried to compile a list of the things I still need to finish (not in order):

– making a stand
– making a casing
– make temperature control via buttons
– slow down LED pulse
– general cleanup (in HW and FW)

I hope you like it (and shar​e the project)

Also – Thanks for the fantastisk StickVise @Alex Rich! I’m sorry I’m using the 3d knockoff. I promise I will get the real one when I order from the HaD shop next time!

Lastly: shameless plug – Like my project at


  1. That looks really nice. I’m impressed with the fast heat up time of the tip too.

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