RFID reader

I don’t think I’ve told you yet. I have become a cyborg.

Last year I had a chip implant so now I have a small rice-grain of NFC goodness in my right hand, between thumb and index finger.

What can I use it for? nothing.. yet. Originally I got it because I dropped my keys when kitesurfing and lost them at sea. to never be in this situation again I promised myself that I would research on the RFID implant technology.

I got the chip but I couldn’t find any readers that would work. I had given up but then I found Freds blog: https://0xfred.wordpress.com/

It turned out that Fred was quite in the same position as me. He had an implant and had been working on a reader. And he actually had one that worked!
Funny thing he is also kitesurfing, snowboarding and hacking away like me. He even have the same setup as me with an IKEA workbench and lasercutter. small world after all!

Long story short – I wrote him. I got a really nice reply back and we mailed a bit back and forth. In the end he sent me one of his readers and even a blacnk PCB for his latest revision. When I got the PCB it didn’t work but that was only a matter of firmware upgrade. He’d already published the latest code to his github so I installed Code Composer Studio and compiled the project. I think it’s the first time I have such a success with the work of somebody else. everythin went smoothly and within minutes I had programmed the reader to accept my chip and log me in on my computer.


Lookt at this! I even got the reader in a nice laser-cut enclosure. I soldered the connector on top to be able to reporgram it. The black base even have magnets embedded so it will stick to a metal surface, such as a computer cabinet. that’s clever!

I wrote a slightly exstatic mail to Fred and told him that I was the happiest pony alive! That means that it will be possible to make areader that can be built in to my car. Great!

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