What’s happening with that laser cutter?

I’ll admit that the blog has been dead the last weeks. Truth is that nothing new has happened with the cutter. Oh, that’s not entirely true but nothing really huge.

I felt a great leap in the project when I assembled the fram for the cutter. Unfortunately the makerslide components which I have to order from UK is not in stock right now. I’m waiting for the supplier to get new parts. But fear not – I haven’t just been waiting. As I wrote in one of the first posts I was planning on converting the plastic parts to metric format. That process is now almost done! Huzzah! I’m saying that it’s almost done because the files I’ve now got is an exact copy of the original files – just 3D printed! Also, the threaded rods that were supposed to be 1/4″ was swapped with M8 threaded rod. The bearings was changed and so was the bearing plates.
This meant that I also had to figure out a solution to the floating nuts. I decided to make my own printed version of said nut. The nut is made from a standard M8 nut, incased in a simple plastic body that allows it to move in one dimension. It’s not super tight so the nut can handle a small error in the rod orientation.

Alright, I think you might want to see some pictures.

First, a couple of close-ups on the printed parts. The z-motor plate with integrated 608ZZ bearing and an ‘idle’ lifter plate.

2013-11-06 21.04.462013-11-06 21.05.00The nut is inserted from below into the ‘nut-trap’ which has a cover srewed on with two M3x10mm screws. The cover might not be needed but is useful right now when I store the cutter frame upright.

And here a picture of the cutter as it is right now. With the cover closed and open (Just to show a picture more)

2013-11-06 21.03.52

2013-11-06 21.04.02


That’s all for now. I will get back to writing some more when I get makerslides and V-Wheels.

Oh – I almost forgot. I got cable chains from eBay! They look awesome and will give the cutter even more ‘industrial-machine’ look and feel.



  1. The last couple of days I have been looking into ‘homebuild’ laser cutters and more in details the buildlog version. The biggest issue looks to be sourcing the parts as I’m also from Europe (Belgium). So it’s good to see a conversion to metric and seeing the sources for parts :).

    I’ll keep following this !

    Are you building the exact (or close to) dimensions of the buildlog 2.x laser cutter ? I really would like 90 x 60cm or close to that, but the design would be to different for me to redesign (I have no real background in these things, only build a CNC Router 2 years ago, but laser cutters are way more difficult …)

    • Fantastic! I’ve been thinking that someone else than me would be interested in DIY laser cutters (more than just bying a cheap chinese one).

      I’m just copying the Laser 2.x project but I wouldn’t rule out the option for another build some day. You really should look at http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:12864 if you want to have some other scale. I haven’t played around much with the scripts but I think they should do the scaling for you. Let me know if you succeed 🙂
      IF you upscale I would also recommend going for a larger laser, like the 60W or maybe even the 100W option just because the case can handle it and you’ll need the power at some point.

      So for current status: I’m waiting for makerslideeurope.com to restock the makerslide. They’ve been having some issues with the supplier and are waiting for a new one to deliver. They should be able to ship again by the end of january. By that time I will continue work on the cutter.


      • I have seen the thingiverse scripts, but not tested them. My first option was indeed looking at a cheap chines laser, but their is no fun in that and at +6000€ it’s 3000€ more expensive. So I’m ‘looking’ around.

        For the makerslide stuff, have you seen this store ? Maybe a faster option ? https://www.openpart.co.uk/index.php/store/product/342-makerslide-2-x-laser-cutter

        • Wow, that’s awesome! They have all the stuff I need! But they only ship nationally. I will try and contact them to hear if they can make an exception.
          Thanks a million!

          • Good luck, I didn’t check the shipping options, hope they want to send the parts to Denmark :).

            I’m still looking into the amount of power that is needed to do specific types of work on a laser cutter. At the moment I think 60W would be OK, but would buy a PSU for 80W just to be sure.

            Did you find a good ‘list’ of what can be cut, at what depth, with the amount of what on your tube ? (I mainly do 8mm plywood, so I really need that …)

  2. Openpart got as far as making me a custom order(incorrectly so I couldn’t order it) and it took almost 4 weeks to get that sorted. After I tried to checkout and it didn’t work I tried to contact them again. This was 5-6 weeks ago and still no supply.

    openpart.co.uk is a dead shop. Shame really as I wanted openrail.

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