Fixing a defective Macbook Pro fan

This i just a quick description since the fix is most likely available on numerous different sites already.

A while ago I had some trouble with the left fan in my macbook pro making a lot of rattling noise. It sounded as if the bearing had become loose or something worse. I also noticed a significant raise in the temperature of the computer. I looked around the internet for a replacement and found the pricing was just about as insane as I imagnined it to be. So instead I did what any engineering person would do – I took the machine apart to see if I coud fix it myself. And wow, I was in for a treat. It was very easy and quick. Unfortunately I didn’t snap any pictures of the process. Until now, where I got the same problem again, so this time I will be documenting the process.

Okay, enough with the tech-porn about how neatly everything is tucked away in a laptop. The space is very nice and tidy inside a macbook. enough said..

I will assume that you can follow whatever disassembly guide out there to get you to the point where the keyboard comes of and you can get inside the machine. From there it is quite straight forward to remove one or both fans from the machine. While you’re at it, clean those cooling grills!

2013-04-16 22.23.41They are supposed to be clean and empty of dust and other things. I use some tweezers to pull out the blocking things.

Okay, so we have removed the fan from the machine. One thing that will make it clear if this is working, is to try and turn the fan. If the rotation stops right away, something is clearly wrong and you should try to fix it.

2013-04-16 22.22.31This unit is about 50$ or more if you should buy it online (genuine part). I can’t imagine the pricing that appe want to charge to change this.. Just put your favourite phillips to those screws and take the casing apart.

2013-04-16 22.24.10Now, the fan itself is only held onto the motor using the magnetic field of the stator. Simply lift the fan carefully from the metal plate so the fan along with its axle is separated from the motor windings.

2013-04-16 22.24.40


Now, rinse the axle with some cloth or a paper towel or what you have around. Add a small dab of oil and put the thing back together. If you want to be extra sure that the thing works, disassemble the fan again and put it back together. Now the fan should be spinning a lot more effortlessly than before.

Put everything back together and enjoy your saved money and your silent (and cooler) macbook! Do I really need to say that this is voiding everything and should only be done at your own risk?

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