Euro-card sized dot-matrix display

Ever been on the highway where the overhead signs tells you about road construction, delays or something else?

This project goes on making exactly one of these signs. Currently there is not much to go on, but to make a single letter (5*7 dots) as big as possible, on an euro-card PCB. the size have been chosen because it is a standard readily available. This means that I don’t have to order PCBs specially for that.

project will consist of 2 different PCBs. The LED board, which is a bare matrix with the LEDs on and a controller board which holds the power controls as well as the microcontroller part. The controller board will feature an UART so interfacing the display is easy.

Since this is categorized as ‘future’ project, a special category for this project has not been created yet. If the project takes off, I will move this post to the appropriate category.

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