Dimmer in action!

Here is another short video. This time it is the dimmer circuit for the Ledberg lights in the bedroom.

You might be able to see a small flicker in the brightness at low levels. That is due to the quick and dirty code that is running at the MCU right now. The proper way to do it is definitely a PWM pulse of AT LEAST 1kHz or close to that. A measurement of the current ‘PWM’ rate is a bit short of 100Hz. On the other hand, the code didn’t take that much time to write and it is working. So it might take some time before I get around to change this.

Lastly – a shot of the circuit with all the wires attached.

The regulator (7805) on top right, MOSFET on top left and the wire(s) going out of the bottom of the picture is to the pot-meter controlling the brightness

Dimmer circuit

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