Getting started with the STM8S001J3

Wow, I thought naming was straight forward!

Well, this chip is the smallest of the STM8S family as far as I can tell. I recently had the need for a small 5V compatible microcontroller and I have started a big project using STM32’s.. they are only 3V however, so I started looking in the ‘low end’ of the ST parts. That’s when I found this. The STM8S001J3.

I’ve made two small videos on how to connect it (it’s just a 1uF cap to get it running) using the STLINK V2 which I got from eBay for $4. Pretty cheap to get started!

I’m using the IAR embedded workbench with their kickstart edition (code limit is 8k) – the chip have 8k of memory so that fits my needs perfectly!


The chip is not very fun without any libraries but luckily we have the ST ‘Standard Peripheral Library’. In the video below I show you how to use those and make the chip dance to our tune…

Well, that’s all for now! Leave a comment if you found this useful 🙂

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