Tools for the pick and place

So in the previous post I talked about that I got a pick and place machine. Along with the machine is a little box with the most necessary tools to get it up and running. let me show you

the CD is actually just the driver that comes with the USB to RS232 converter cable and I haven’t used it. It just worked right out of the box.
All of the software is available on the supplied USB drive. I have been told that anti-virus programs trigger on some of the files so I haven’t opened everything I could find. In fact I have ended up installing a newer version of the program from the SparkFun repository – available here

The brackets and screws in the top middle are for mounting a component tray to the machine and will surely come in handy in the near future.

A pair of tweezers, an Allen key-set and a brush(?) are just general tools.

There is a fair bit of spare parts with the machine:
1. grease to lubricate the bearings – i guess?
2. a second tape-pull pin
3. a spare tape-pull solenoid with a third tape-pull pin
4. O-rings for what I suspect is the air or somewhere along the air line.

Also there is an alignment PCB for adjusting the cameras, however I haven’t used it yet.

Lastly there is the box of nozzles. There are 4 nozzles with the machine, although you can certainly get a lot more if you have the need!
the four sizes are:

502, 503, 504 and 505.
The manual states the following recommendations:

502 for 0402 parts
503 for 0603 parts
504 for 0805, 1206 and SOT23 parts
505 for SOP8, SOP14
506 for QFN, TQFP, etc.

Although there wasn’t an 506 nozzle with the machine I could get on if I need. For now I have chosen to design as much as possible with 0603 parts (and the occasional 0805) so loading the nozzles with 503 and 504 seems like a good starting point.

Next thing – how to get the data from KiCad to the machine! exciting times!

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