Automated Drawer Lights

The inspiration to this project goes way back. When we had gotten new furniture in the bedroom which supposedly should be helping with organizing clothes, I quickly found that the bedroom was too dark to find black socks/boxers in a drawer – I needed light! But why should I have to turn on the roomlight – If someone was sleeping I wouldn’t like to wake anybody just for a pair of socks…

After some time I came up with the solution. After some trips to Ikea, I accidentally bumped into these lights: Ledberg LED lights. Being extremely cheap, quite bright and in a housing that just fits anywhere I picked up a load of them. In fact, by now I think I have bought 15 packs (3 LED strips in each) because they are so versatile. You even get a 12V transformer along with the kit!

So far I have gotten the light that I need. Now for the control part..

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