Waveforms Verified

Ah – It’s good to be back again! Home from vacation (Honeymoon as well) and ready to continue work on all the hobby projects.

This might not seem like a big update but to me it is: I have now verified the waveforms that is sent from the LAOS controller. They show a fine 1kHz signal and an enable signal that will turn on the laser. This was during a small engraving test so that indicates that I’m ready to order the lasertube.

But wait – There’s more.
I still need to have water cooling running before I can turn on the laser. I have ordered a dual 120mm radiator for cooling and some 120mm fans. What I need now is a pump and a resevoir. I haven’t got any idea of how big this needs to be so I’ll think I’ll start with a jar of some sort. Then I’ll monitor the temperature and adjust accordingly. Let’s see how that goes.

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