New PCB ordered – Now with accelerometer

I need a field for short updates, comment style.

I have now ordered the Rev.3 PCB. I birefly covered a change to 3.3V internal voltage but didn’t tell that much about the reasons.

The reason (there is only one) is that I’m adding an accelerometer. Why you might ask? because my use-case has changed a little bit. I often find myself soldering in awkward spaces, close to the ceiling etc. therefore I might not have a magnet with me for turning the pen into standby-mode. the solution is therefore to have an accelerometer with tap detection so I can just do a double-tap and the pen will turn off. another double tap will turn it back on. The LED will provide the visual feedback I need to see if the command is received properly. In the end it’s just an on/off state trigger. The hall sensor will provide the same feedback and the last input will provide the signal change.

Well, That’s all for now. carry on!

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